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Show and Tell : Kelsey

I found these two sites interesting because they were creative and colorful websites. The illustrative qualities on the "Psyched" website was especially interesting.



Show and Tell

iDesign: Nashville

Web design company from Nashville, TN. I wasn't really in to the design of their site so much, but they seem to utilize a lot of good practices as far as development goes. I don't get those long rectangular bars in the navigation.

9elements HTML5 canvas demo

This site didn't do much, but it was cool to see some HTML5 canvas in action.

NetTuts: Tutorials

This page is more about resource than it is about design. I do find the site works well. Basically 2 columns. I think the masthead/navigation is pretty sharp looking.

Show and Tell by Jill T

The first site that I showed in in class was a printing website called Moo. I thought it was interesting because it made use of php input fields to create business cards and also styled those input fields in interesting ways.

Moo website

The second site that I selected is Hazelmail. It allowed you to updload your vacation pictures and create a postcard. It would then print it at the nearest printer and mail it for you. This was also an example of a site making use if php input fields.

Hazelmail website

The third site that I selected did not deal with input fields. It is for the Citizen's Band. I brought it in because I like the action on the site and it seemed to related in a general way to things we are learning.

Citizen Band website

Show and Tell: Atrian

Pottermore is an interactive site for fans of the Harry Potter series. It contains interactive images so as to further immerse the user in the world of Harry Potter.
These interactive elements make Pottermore a wonderful website to explore, creating that sense of allure often found within the Harry Potter books.

Dynamit had an interesting way of sorting through information. When you moused over their logo you could choose between more or less work, more or less company, or more or less now, which would reorder the boxes of information on the front page. The boxes of information was a flurry of information in different formats including photography, articles, video, and tweets.

Method Design Lab
This is made to be a design-centric, user driven interface showing information relevant to the current time browsing. It shows innovation news around the web that was just published as well as giving options to see older news. The movement of the shapes that the news is displayed on makes it very interesting to watch.

Beautiful Explorer
This is a project showing what interesting things can be made using html5.
It shows tweets, photos, and videos in a scrolling interface that further loads content as you scroll down.

Show and Tell: Aaron

Abney Park

This is one of the sites I found when looking for steampunk themed websites. It transforms and stuff when you click the links. A really gimmicky site but I like a few elements, such as the way the lyrics are contained in a book, and the way the band bios are presented.

Stephane Halleux Portfolio

This site I found to be a much more efficient and simple design than the others. The steampunk aesthetic is more in the content than the design, but I think it still counts. Just another one of those let the work speak for itself things I guess, but it was executed in a nice way.

Show and Tell

Hammock Inc.

Clean design. On blogs, a drop-down bar appears at top when you scroll, to share content.

Andersson-Wise Architects

Responsive design. Consistent look.

Design Made in Germany

Responsive design. Liked the layering of elements when scrolling.

The page bar is grayscale when hovering.


Responsive design. This is a municipality site. A great deal of information. Pleasing color palette. Includes the ability to listen to content directly from the page.


Another movie site, created using java script and html.


Turner Classic Movies

I love movies and TCM has a great archive. The top menu stays consistent even on the error page. It has some flash but is mostly built with java script, html and css.


Show and Tell

Agent 8 Ball

I thought the Agent 8 Ball site was interesting because it is an interactive game developed through javascript and utilizing the HTML5 canvas tag. It looks and acts much like a Flash game without using flash.

agent 8 ball screenshot

Cultural Solutions

This is one of the sites that I had to pull up at the last minute because I left my sites at home. I showed this site because it utilized some new HTML5 techniques. The site had a nice layout, but it wasn't incredibly impressive

cultural solutions

Nakshart: Geolocation

I choose to show this site because it utilized the HTML5 geolocation tag. I believe it also used the canvas tag with javascript. I thought this site was quite interesting, but it didn't seem to work perfectly well. Perhaps it needs some more tweaking.

geolocation site

Effect Games: Canvas Demo

This site again used the HTML5 canvas tag to create animated images. I liked this site because I'm a sucker for pixel art and animation.

pixel animation

Katelyn Pennington

Here are my websites from my show and tell.

I liked this website Pandr because the colors were great! I liked the way the top of the page stayed the same but featured different items. I also liked the clean and simple style.

I really liked the way Corey Made used all one page with his links that navigated down the page instead of to many different html pages. I really like the presentation of his work.

Unfold was the most unique website I have ever seen. I thought the layout was so interesting. I feel that some users would get lost but the concept was very cool. It still boggles my mind as to how they rotated those images but I think it is great!

Xavier's Show and Tell

I know I'm really late but here is my show and tell.
First is The site fir Interview Magazine. I really liked the little touch of having the "hanging tab" as you scroll down.
Visit Site

Second is AgencyNet.com, a really cool Flash site for a creative company.

Jill's show and tell

My favorite of the sites that I brought for show and tell is the site that helps you select a name for your child, create a custom logo and then sell you a bunch of stuff with that logo on it. The site is What a Lovely Name. My next site was more difficult to navigate. It was a portfolio site for photographer Marcin Kaniewski. I liked the ability to change the back ground color to black, white or gray. I liked portions of the last two sites that I showed. On the site for Lisa Bun, I like the way the links at the bottom looked and behaved. On the site for the firm called Circus, I liked the font combinations that they used.

The Frist Center For The Visual Arts

The Frist site is clean and responsive. Easy to navigate.

Clean, responsive design

Island Creek Oyster Bar

another clean, no flash site

A great site with no flash.

Oat, the design company of Island Creek Oyster Bar

A clean, flash free site

Scrolling and Typography

2011 Beercamp

The pages move towards you when scrolled


The images move in 4 directions when scrolled


This falls under user choice, list or grid format

Mr Doob

Flash Experiments

Lost World's Fairs

Typography set with CSS

Aaron's Cool Story

Design Fighter

This is a site a friend of mine made a couple years back for his senior portfolio show. It is bases on arcade style fighting games. Unfortunately the site was only up for a while, but I have a copy on a disc.


This is another site style after a retro interface. In this case it’s about 8-bit music. Unfortunately too much creative styling can make a site hard to navigate.


Lindsey's Show-n-Tell-n-Click

Hello Giggles


A Monet Exhibition Site


Kasteelbier - Kelsey's Show & Tell

I thought this brewery's website would be interesting to share. It surprised me how much a company like this would put so much effort into such an interactive website.




Atrian's Show and Tell

I enjoyed the following two websites for their innovative design styles.


Don’t Click It used an innovative navigation style that utilized a hovering based selection over clicking. It was interesting how it managed to allow the user to maneuver with hovering while still making sure the the user wanted to go to the next page.

dontclick.it opening page

dontclick.it main page

Saab Saibu Tour

The Saab Saibu Tour was a flash site the used an interesting interactive commercial design that allowed the user to tour a car commercial while remaining somewhat in control.

Saab opening page

The slideshow of Saab cars over time was particularly interesting.

Saab image slideshow

Katelyn Joughin

Here are my websites from my show and tell.

I liked this website Stephen Hamilton because of the way the portfolio was presented. I think it was very interesting and the huge photos were a plus!

I thought this was a great interactive website Timberland Boot Company although, it had some major glitches. For example the mouse would disappear under certain images. It would be cool for a game interface, like moving around on a map, but for this reason it seemed like it didn’t belong

I liked this website Matt Salik, because of the way the portfolio was presented. I think it was very interesting and the huge photos were a plus!

I thought that the website Utah Travel was great state website. It captured my eye and made me want to visit Utah. It was very user friendly with nice clean graphics.