Watkins Web 2: Blog

Project 2 Details

The final versions of both projects are due at 6pm on December 8th.

From the syllabus, here are the requirements:

  • A minimum of five pages
  • Recurring navigation controlled by PHP include(s)
  • A contact form that sends an email to an address
  • An events listing/calendar
  • If relevant, a Blog/News pages (both landing page and example of a single article page)

If your name is Joe Schmoe, your projects should be accessible at the following addresses:

  • http://watkinswebdev.com/jschmoe/project1/
  • http://watkinswebdev.com/jschmoe/project2/

(Technically, the above URLs refer to directories, not documents, since they end in a slash. Make sure to name your home page index.php to ensure it loads by default). Whether you also want to link to these projects from you space’s home directory (http://watkinswebdev.com/jschmoe/) is up to you.

In order to get the required PHP includes and contact form working, you will need to be testing the site live on the server. Once again, please use all-lowercase file and directory names. (Very often the Mac filesystem will forgive case inconsistency as you develop locally, but a web server will not, causing your site’s links to break once you upload.)

Finally, please review the Project 1 details post for guidelines on file organization, image optimization, proofreading, typography, smart CSS, etc.