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Sad days for HTML5?

Bruce Lawson reports on the loss of HTML5's <time> tag and the pubdate boolean attribute.

I guess my first project using new tags is already outdated. That was fast.

Here's the link to the article

It’s with great sadness that I inform you that the HTML5 <time> element has been dropped, and replaced by a more generic – and thus less useful – <data> element. The pubdate attribute has been dropped completely, so there is now no simple way to indicate the publication date of a work.

To me the data tag seems a little too broad. I was just beginning to like the time tag. The Opera browser has already implemented use of the time tag. What's it all mean?

Also, neat little trick I just learned. If you accidentally close a tab in Chrome you can recover the tab and the entire session of the tab with the quick little kehyboard shortcut shift-ctrl-T

You can view the bug and comments here.