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Show and Tell

Agent 8 Ball

I thought the Agent 8 Ball site was interesting because it is an interactive game developed through javascript and utilizing the HTML5 canvas tag. It looks and acts much like a Flash game without using flash.

agent 8 ball screenshot

Cultural Solutions

This is one of the sites that I had to pull up at the last minute because I left my sites at home. I showed this site because it utilized some new HTML5 techniques. The site had a nice layout, but it wasn't incredibly impressive

cultural solutions

Nakshart: Geolocation

I choose to show this site because it utilized the HTML5 geolocation tag. I believe it also used the canvas tag with javascript. I thought this site was quite interesting, but it didn't seem to work perfectly well. Perhaps it needs some more tweaking.

geolocation site

Effect Games: Canvas Demo

This site again used the HTML5 canvas tag to create animated images. I liked this site because I'm a sucker for pixel art and animation.

pixel animation