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Show and Tell: Atrian

Pottermore is an interactive site for fans of the Harry Potter series. It contains interactive images so as to further immerse the user in the world of Harry Potter.
These interactive elements make Pottermore a wonderful website to explore, creating that sense of allure often found within the Harry Potter books.

Dynamit had an interesting way of sorting through information. When you moused over their logo you could choose between more or less work, more or less company, or more or less now, which would reorder the boxes of information on the front page. The boxes of information was a flurry of information in different formats including photography, articles, video, and tweets.

Method Design Lab
This is made to be a design-centric, user driven interface showing information relevant to the current time browsing. It shows innovation news around the web that was just published as well as giving options to see older news. The movement of the shapes that the news is displayed on makes it very interesting to watch.

Beautiful Explorer
This is a project showing what interesting things can be made using html5.
It shows tweets, photos, and videos in a scrolling interface that further loads content as you scroll down.